DK Theme for Photography

DK theme is an amazing photography theme with a background audio playback option – music always help set the right mood for watching photographs and other digital work. The theme is really elegant and has simple and clean-design social media buttons included.

The homepage slider has several effects, and its biggest strength is that it is full-screen. You can create 4 different galleries, and even a video portfolio. Shortcodes are abundant and easy to implement. Even though photo websites are heavy, DK theme has a very short loading time, compared to other themes.

DK for Photography Creative Portfolio (630x297)

Why This Should Be Your Next Photography Portfolio Theme

Of course, the theme is much more than the fullscreen image on the homepage and the audio playback. DK is a good theme because it has a complex set of features which make it perfect for websites which have a lot of visual content on them. The first thing that makes a good impression is the fact that there are four predefined homepage designs. Those are a good option if you want to get your website up and running quickly. If you want to create something more personalized, you can always use the admin panel and page builder to create a customized homepage.

DK comes with 7 custom widgets. Those are great to add to your sidebars and will help you build more dynamic pages. Another important feature is the presence of custom shortcodes. You can use them to add various boxes, modules, and embed content. For instance, there are shortcodes for 2-6 columns for your posts and pages. This is very convenient and it takes away the need of using a page builder in order to create those columns.

Embedding video content is also very easy. Photographers are one of the people which have to use a lot of visual content. The fact that you can do so very easily makes DK on of the best themes in this regard.

Social Media is Where Success is

We live in a world where social media is all around us. People are constantly online and they love seeing new things while they are browsing their social accounts. But don’t limit yourself to thinking that success only lies in Facebook or Twitter. With recent changes, Instagram, Pinterest, Reddit, and a lot of the other popular social networks are making it very easy for professionals to share their content.

Why did we tell you all of this? Because we want you to understand how important social media is. DK is one of the portfolio themes which gives you a lot of flexibility when it comes to the social media. You have built-in sharing buttons, and you can select which buttons to show and which ones to hide (because you don’t have an account on that social site).

Good-Looking for Everyone

DK is responsive and it looks great, regardless of the device that you are browsing from. Also, it’s compatible with all of the major browsers, even for early versions of IE, like 7 and 8. There is also support for Apple’s Safari.

Regardless of where your visitors come from and how they are browsing, you will be able to provide them with good browsing experience. That’s very important, especially when you are creating a portfolio.

In the end, we want to say that this is a great photography theme, with a lot of visual effects. The reviews from current clients are excellent, leading us to the conclusion that this is a theme that is very high quality.

Main Features:

  • Lightweight code makes it load fast
  • Responsive
  • 7 custom widgets
  • Shortcodes for up to 6 columns
  • Password protected galleries
  • 10 page templates
  • SEO optimized code
  • 4 homepage styles


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