Glare – Elegant and Stylish Photography Theme

Glare is an extremely elegant theme, with very light colors and perfectly matched color templates. The theme is in fact a photography theme but would most likely suit fashion photographers more than any other type of photographers. Glare is built to show the beauty and style of the models by complementing their beauty.

The large homepage slider shows every little detail of your photos, making it easier to understand the beauty of this type of art. You can easily add a header background to every post and page – to set a mood.

Covering the Basics

Every theme has to have all of the basic necessities set up right if it wants to call itself “one of the best”. We checked Glare for responsiveness, by resizing our browser, as well as by opening it from our smartphones and it passed the test greatly. The theme instantly responded to the resizing and made the layout fit to the screen size. As for mobile – it was just as great viewing the website on a mobile device as it was on our PCs.

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We also tested the theme in several of the major web browsers. There was no difference in the displaying of the theme – it was always flawless and there were no problems with the responsiveness or any of the modules and their effects.

Another very important thing is localization. We live in a globalized world, where you can get visitors from any part of the world. this is why all of the great WordPress themes have the possibility of being translated into any language, thanks to the WPML plugin. Glare has integrated that plugin perfectly.

We also checked the theme options panel – instead of over-complicating things, the developers of Glare have decided to include only the important settings which won’t cause confusion in their clients. The admin panel is easy to use and it does provide you with lots of ways to customize your website.

What You Can do With the Theme

The theme is a very powerful one. Even though it is oriented only towards photographers and models, you can easily create pages that have stunning designs and layouts. Thanks to the custom shortcodes you can easily import your already existing content, without having to copy-paste any code.

Another great feature of the theme is the ability to create a fulfilling contact page. Glare allows you to create a cool form that will give your visitor a means of connecting you. In the contacts page you can also include a Google Map where you can pin-point anything you want – your office, places which you are visiting – it’s all up to your imagination!

The homepage has a really nice feature which allows you to have a slider which is fullscreen. This allows you to show your images and photos in very high detail without the user having to click anything. This is something great for capturing the attention of first-time visitors instantly.


You can also use one of the several different color variations which are preset for the theme. If you are a developer, or if you’ve hired one, then you can also create a custom CSS file, which you can select to use from the admin panel.


This is a great theme for photographers and models. It has several features that are going to make your website stand out in the crowd. The theme also has a simple but powerful admin panel which has all of the needed options for you to personalize your website.


  • Large homepage slider
  • Really elegant and tender colors
  • Google Maps integration
  • Widgetized footer
  • Two beautiful gallery styles

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