How Important are WordPress Themes?

Some of you might be wondering why there are so many WordPress themes. Does how a website look really matter that much? What if we had websites which just “did the job” without looking good or using fancy effects and transitions? How much does it matter whether a website looks good or bad?

With so many developers spending their time in creating themes that are better in both functionality and deign, we’re going to dig deep down and see how much it really matters whether your website looks good, or whether it focuses solely on functionality.

WordPress is King

We’re going to start off by saying that a large part of the newly created websites are hosted with WordPress. This is so because it’s an easy platform to use. And the fact that it’s popular attracts more developers and designers to it. This, in its turn, makes it more appealing to people because there is a wider range of products that are available for the platform. But won’t that lead to over-saturation of the theme market with themes that are pretty much the same?

wordpress-king (315x200)Even though this is going to happen, or is already happening, there is another, more important, consequence. The fact that there are so many WordPress theme developers makes it harder and harder for them to create a product that is going to sell well. This raises the “quality bar” over which themes can be considered innovative and successful.

The fact that it has become very easy for lots of new developers to come out with a theme that looks good actually pushes more experienced ones to create products that are better and more complete. If some new and inexperienced  person who occupies the same position as you in the company you work for, wouldn’t you increase your productivity to keep your job? It’s the same with developers. The better the average quality of themes, the better the high-end themes will look and perform. It’s that simple.

Why did we have to say all of this? We wanted you to see that there are now and there are going to be future improvements for themes. Designs are going to become better and more luxurious, while features are going to become easier to use and more helpful.

So is it Really Important How Your Website Looks?

Imagine this scenario: you have an eCommerce website which has WooCommerce. At the moment of writing this article, this is the best eCommerce plugin that you can find. It’s compatible with almost all of the themes and it takes little effort to configure. On the other hand it also provides both you and your customers with great features.

However, your website’s theme is really cheap and it looks like a website from the early 2000’s (nowadays even kids in 3rd or 4th grade can create websites like that). When visitors come to your website, they aren’t going to notice that you’re using WooCommerce, mostly because most of them won’t know what that is. They will notice the design of your website. The first impression of your website will be how it looks.

This is a design that will easily convince people to buy from this website.

And when a person sees a website which has the same design as the websites they saw the first times they touched a computer with Internet won’t give them much confidence about the credibility of the online store. And it makes sense. Who would put the best eCommerce plugin on an “ugly” theme? It’s the same as putting a Bugatti engine on a cheap car. It just doesn’t make sense.

It Doesn’t End With eCommerce

Even though some of you might have wanted to think that only eCommerce websites need to have a beautiful design to convince people that they are credible, it’s not so. Imagine that you have  a portfolio. You should carefully choose the theme for your portfolio. After you get it, you should also tinker around with the settings and options and achieve the best look possible. After that you should add the contents of your portfolio and make sure that they are displayed perfectly?

Why do this? If your website looks ragged you won’t make a good impression on your potential employers. Even if you have excellent projects in your portfolio, visitors are still going to be cautious when approaching you. This is because, subconsciously, they are paying attention to the little details. When they see imperfections on your website they are thinking that you don’t pay attention to the detail and that this will also occur in your job.

This is a poor design for a portfolio and will probably drive away not one or two of your visitors.

For instance, when I was young I qualified for the math team, beating all of the competitors but one. A few days after that there was an exam from the material that was included in the school program, but I performed poorly. The teacher took me off the math team, even though I qualified second of eight, because she said that there was the risk of me performing poorly on the same type of math problems in the competitions.

I told you that example because it’s the same with websites – if you don’t perfect your website, your visitors will think that your work ethics are based on the same principles.

It’s All Around the Board

Up until now we’ve covered two WordPress theme categories. But in fact it applies to all of them. Whether you have a magazine, business website, online gallery, and anything else, it’s important that your website looks well. The fact that it looks well is just a bonus, it’s the effort and detail-attention that matters to the people who are visiting your website.

There might be some single cases of websites whose theme quality doesn’t matter, but in general, you should always aim for the highest quality. If you are able to show your visitors that you pay attention to the detail, and that you care about how your website looks, then you will earn their trust easily.

How many millionaires wear ragged clothes? And how many of them wear Prada suits? It’s the same thing. If you want your website to become successful, you must dress for it first. In the WordPress case – go for the best designs, and, of course, the  most useful features and plugins.

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