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King Size will allow you to make use of the full-width of the screen. This is one of the few successful full-width theme, which has amazing homepage slideshow. Apart from the picturesque way of displaying your photos on the homepage, you will also be able to create numerous different galleries.

If you are interested in adding a portfolio to your theme, then you will have a lot of available options, each of which has its strong points. Everything in the theme can be customized and it takes little effort and knowledge.

King Size – Fullscreen Background WordPress Theme   Fullscreen  Video and Image  Background Premium WordPress Theme   Template. (630x297)

A Theme for Visual Masterpieces

It might have sounded a bit cliched that the theme is one of the few successful ones, but the facts speak for themselves. King Size is one of the themes that has the highest ratings on ThemeForest. It is used on hundreds of websites and many of its clients are happy people because of that choice.

It’s obvious that the theme was created to serve websites that have a lot of visual content and little written articles. But just having a fullscreen image display feature isn’t going to make people running for your website. The demo of the theme looks amazing, but why does it look amazing? The truth is that there is much more to King Size than the full screen image display.

The theme has 6 different gallery types. That alone is good enough to give you a lot of diversity. Even though a lot of people, unrelated to photography, think that the layout of your images is not important, we’re sure that you know the actual importance of that. The 6 predefined gallery types are very good. But if you are unsatisfied with those, you can always use the page builder and create a custom layout that fits your requirements.

There are also predefined designs and layouts for portfolios. It’s important to note that they are different in purpose and execution than the gallery ones. And last, but not least, there are blogging options for your theme. If you are a travel blogger, then this is a theme which is going to make your visitors go awe. Sharing your high definition images, alongside your written stories, will be both easy and stunningly beautiful with King Size.

Making it Your Own

There are many predefined designs and layouts, but at the end of the day, you will want to make the theme yours. What do we mean by yours? Everyone wants their product (website, book, app, whatever) to be unique. Even though the demo is really impressive, chances are that there are hundreds of other websites that are using the same design/layout combination.

But King Size has taken care of that too. The theme is highly customizable. In other words, just about everything that you want can be customized. The predefined designs and layouts are a great starting point for something new. Instead of creating a new layout from scratch, the developers are encouraging you to use their gallery/portfolio types as a template for your cool pages.

You can easily import YouTube and Vimeo videos, and, thanks to the powerful admin panel, you can make them play automatically in the background. There are only a few things that beat an HD background video. If you have your own video, in an MP4 format, you can also upload it and set it as a background.

King Size also comes with image resizers and other various tools that are oriented towards making your image processing tasks easier.

Main Features:

  • Full-screen
  • Multiple sliders
  • 5 different galleries
  • Many portfolio post types
  • Hundreds of shortcodes available
  • Responsive
  • Widget ready sidebars and footers


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