Mr. Tailor Theme Review

Mr. Tailor is a eCommerce theme by a studio that has a proven track of creating great products for WordPress. As the theme name slightly suggests, this is a theme for online stores that want to sell fashion and clothing. However, thanks to the features of Mr. Tailor you can also use the theme for many other kinds of products.

Let’s see why this theme is one of the themes that you should be considering for your next online store project!


Demos First

We always like to see the demos of the themes before we review them. And if the demo has problems and malfunctions, then an average user doesn’t have a much bigger chance of making a theme work correctly. We want our recommendations to be the best and that is why we only review themes that have perfect demos.

When we first saw the demo of Mr. Tailor, it was nothing too fancy or flashy. Even though you can reconfigure that, this isn’t a theme that should be used for products that require flashy sales prompts. The homepage is very clean and minimalist, concentrating on a header menu, an account-related stripe above it and a slider below the previous two.

Unlike a lot of the other popular eCommerce themes, this isn’t a fullscreen slider. It is full-width, but it’s “short”.  This hints the visitors that there is more content to be seen below that slider. You can use that area to showcase your most popular categories, products, and recent posts from your blog.

The footer is also very nice. It is widgetized, having four areas where you can put those widgets. That can be pretty much anything you can think of – categories, tags, blog posts, menus, and more.

Getting to the Main Features

Even though we described the homepage, that’s not necessarily what you are going to see when you visit the demo page. There are actually four different homepage variants – full width, boxed slider, parallax sections, and snap to scroll. Those are efficient for different types of stores and the fact that they are available means that the developers are also aiming at other than fashion categories.

The blog has two different layout settings and, with an appropriate feature image, it will look nothing short of stunning. Its minimalist design is perfect for writing about your products and related to them topics. We’ve already mentioned on some of our other reviews that a blog is an excellent gateway for getting traffic to your store. Blogs have for long been used in Internet marketing for gathering new visitors. An informative blog post will show that you are an authority on a specific topic. That will let you earn those people’s trust easier.


Starting an online store from scratch is connected with a lot of  “boilerplate” work – create About, Contact, Privacy Policy and Disclaimer pages. That’s time consuming and it’s always the same. This is why Mr. Tailor has several predefined pages that only require very few editions. This way you will save a lot of time on those seemingly useless, yet important pages.

The shop’s features are actually what is most impressive about the theme. There’s so many display options that your store can have a different layout every day of the week! You can choose whether you want to display your products as a list, grid, or a fixed amount per row. Parallax category images are also an option, also being one of the most impressive features of the theme.

The theme’s customization options are also nothing short of extensive and useful. There are a lot of settings that you can alter in the admin panel, that will allow you to give your online store its own personal look. However, there are too many to have them all listed. But just some of them are: uploading your own logo, favicon and Apple icons, setting image backgrounds, changing colors, and changing fonts.

Main included plugins are Revolution Slider and Visual Composer. The latter will help you build custom layouts and arrange optimized sales pages, while the former will allow you to create amazing slideshows within your website. Of course, if you are a WordPress fan, then you will know that the two plugins are responsive – the content created by them can be viewed from any type of device and different screen sizes.

The_Retailer Res2015


Mr. Tailor is a different to most of the other eCommerce themes. It has a clean minimalist design that is also very easy to customize. You can create an online store that is going to be very personalized and will fit the colors of your brand.

The theme comes with two of the most popular plugins for WordPress. Alongside those, you get several predefined designs and layouts that will speed up the development process.

At the end of the day, it’s what people think about the theme, that matters. We read a lot of reviews about Mr. Tailor and the predominant part of them were positive. People are happy with the theme. We recommend that you followed the links below to see more information about the theme, as well as a demo. You won’t be disappointed!

View Live Demo More Info

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