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When you ask an experienced WordPress user about a good photography theme, there’s a very large chance that he will recommend you Photocrati. This is, perhaps, the most popular image theme that is available at the moment. Photocrati has grown to be one of the most sought themes because it’s a great combination between a very good looking design, and features which make a photographer’s life easier.

A Bit of History

Photocrati has been around for quite some time. This isn’t a theme that has been released in the past few months, or even a year. In the nowadays market, where there are so many themes constantly released, it’s a hard task to keep up with all of the ‘newcomers’ and Photocrati has done a great job of that.

The theme has been developed by some of the best programmers and coders of WordPress themes. This is an assurance that you are getting a quality product which has lots of perfectly working features, but also that you are getting a product that has a future – there are always updates that add features and new templates to the theme.

About the Theme

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The first thing that any Photocrati user tell you is that the theme has a lot of built-in designs. Currently amounting over 60, you have a wide array of possibilities and choices which you can select for your website. Even if you don’t like any of the designs, you can easily create your own with the builder that comes with the theme.

The designs are very diverse – there is a layout that will fit any type of photographer. There are layouts with fullscreen layouts, grid layouts, layouts with different navigation styles and so on.

Let’s Talk Features

Of course, design isn’t all that matters about a WordPress theme. The features of Photocrati happen to be just as amazing as its designs. Photography themes rely on features heavily – image effects, lazy loading plugins, responsiveness, page builders, and many others which are responsible for the creation of more complex designs and layouts.

Perhaps the most important feature, which is an integral part of the theme, is the right click protection. This will make sure that people won’t be able to just download your photos from their browser. There are also several settings which you can configure for the level of protection.

Another very important feature is the support of WooCommerce. This practically means that you can create an online store with Photocrati and start selling your photography. WooCommerce is the best option for selling online, regardless of the type of product – images, in this case. You can easily set taxes, download links, and many other digital product specific settings.

The gallery manager is one of the best features which the theme has. It might sound simple – just managing galleries, but what it does is very amazing. It allows you to create complex layouts and do rearrangements of your galleries. As a photographer, you know that the arrangement of the photos is very important for a showcase.

Photocrati Photography and Picture Framework for WordPress

Endless Possibilities

Photocrati is a feature-rich theme as you already saw. With it you can create many types of image and photography websites. Most people get the theme and create a portfolio for themselves. But this is by far not the only purpose which you can use the theme for. The support of WooCommerce allows you to create a stock photography store as well.

There are even people which use the theme to create event websites – after they’ve passed. They upload photos from conferences, meetings, and mini-events. This is a great theme which allows you to upload a lot of photos with very high quality, but protect them at the same time (right click protection).

The many different designs that come with the theme will give you lots of starting points for your image website project. The advanced admin panel will give you enough customization options to create an unique and branded website.

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