Shopkeeper Theme Review

It’s pretty obvious who the theme is meant for – shopkeepers and online sellers/retailers. This is a fresh, responsive, and modern eCommerce theme that is able to take your online store to the next level. Even though this might sound cliched, you will learn why we say that in the following sections of this review.

To start off, we will say that this theme is responsive. We tested Shopkeeper against our tools and it displayed perfectly in all of the major browsers and popular screen sizes. Even when we visited it from our smartphones, there were no problems with the layout. Everything was perfect. Viewing the theme and resizing the browser at the same time didn’t lead to a problem either.


Starting off With the Demo

The demo is one of the most important parts of the theme. If you see a demo of a theme which is broken, then what are the chances of you making a better website with it? This is why we stress on how important it is to check the demos for little details. When we first saw Shopkeeper in action we were really impressed.

The demo currently consists of a fullscreen homepage slider which can be used to inform visitors of discounts, new products, or just show off your brand. This is really cool and it helps navigation a lot. People don’t seem to like crowded pages. They tend to get confused and leave the website. With this theme, you can create a minimalist homepage and leave all of the selling to the internal pages. The slider itself provides enough space for you to inform of ongoing sales and promotions.

Besides the interesting store features, you will also notice that there is a portfolio page in the menu. The portfolio feature is nothing short of amazing. Once you hover the portfolio section at the top menu, you will see how many different layouts there are. And these are not even all of the possibilities available before you. This is one of the big pluses of this theme, being able to double as a creative’s portfolio. A sample perfect combination between this feature and the online store would be for hand crafted products. You can show off your previous products in the portfolio, while you sell your new ones in the store.

Shopkeeper_Premium_Responsive_2015-03-07_19-24-43 (630x292)

Discovering More of the Features

Creating a unique online store is of great importance. If you don’t have a website that is different from other online stores, then you are lowering your chances of getting return customers. This is where Shopkeeper’s customization features come in handy. You can alter every element of the theme, including the most important: colors, logos, headers, and fonts.

If you want to create your online store quickly, you can use the pre-defined layouts. They serve as a great template for new pages. You just create the new page, select the pre-defined design and start working on it. This helps you avoid a lot of the “boilerplate” work that has to be done on every page.

The blog is also something that you might find use of. More and more online stores find that blogs are a great gateway for new customers. Writing informative articles that are easily discoverable on the search engines and social media allows customers to come through a different “path”. Also, you can earn your customers’ trust by showing them that you are an expert in the field of whatever you are selling. Authority is the most important thing to have when selling products online – if you fail to show that you are a trustworthy figure, you won’t sell as much.



The theme is also WPML ready, and has an extensive admin panel that allows you to customize everything that is visible to a visitor. The theme has a very nice design and it has pre-defined layouts. One of the most important features is that it is compatible with all of the major plugins, meaning that you won’t have to hire developers to fix the code in order to make them work.

Shopkeeper is a high quality theme that we recommend to anyone who wants to start an online store with style. It is easy to use and has very good customer reviews. What thrilled us the most was that this is a theme that lets you create an online store that is different than other online stores. Shopkeeper has its own unique “style”. That’s the type of themes that store owners like – professional and stylish.

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