Source is a flat photography theme. Even though the combination has become a taboo in the web design world, this is a them that has proven that every rule has its exceptions. According to customer testimonials, Source is one of the best photography themes that they have ever used. This is also one of the highest rated themes in its category.

But Source is much more than its flat design. It’s more about performance and bringing a message to your crowd. You can greet your visitors by playing background music. This is the perfect way of setting a mood for what they are about to see. There is nothing more influential than viewing photographs with suitable music on the background.

The theme comes with predefined light and dark skins. You can build upon those skins and customize them. This is one of the strong suits of Source – you are in total control over how your theme looks. If you are a photographer, then you most probably have experience with Photoshop. We think that you’ll find the inclusion of the PSD files of great value. You can edit those and have your website be unique.

If you want to work on a “higher level” than editing Photoshop files, you can visit the admin panel. There you will find settings about the layout of your website, the color scheme, and you can also select which features you want to use.

Even though themes like Source speak with images, rather than words, you might want to translate your website for audiences which speak different languages. All you are going to need is the WPML plugin, because the .po/.mo files are included. You just need to activate the plugin and start translating.

To top it off we’re going to mention that the theme is fully responsive and that works with all screen sizes on all of the major browsers. We even took the time to test it ourselves and we weren’t left disappointed. If you think that the demo website is a good starting point for your website, then you can easily import the demo content into your website. From then on you are just goint to have to edit the content.


  • Music playback
  • Homepage slider
  • SEO optimized code
  • Google Maps integration
  • Tons of shortcodes
  • Responsive design
  • Very easy to manage

Source Responsive Photography Theme

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