The Retailer Review

To start this review, we will say that The Retailer is one of the best new eCommerce themes available at the moment. It has a great design, a flexible layout and lots of features that will help you run a successful online store. But just saying those things doesn’t make the theme good. In this review, we’ll show you why this is a theme to consider and what are its powerful features.

Just Seeing the Demo Was Enough


We don’t hide this – we always play around with the demo site for a while before we start writing the reviews. This allows us to take a good look at the theme, while we are on the lookout for errors and mistakes. The fewer, the better. This theme gave us the pleasure of being near perfect. We didn’t have any problems with its layout, regardless of the fact that we tested it with many screen resolutions.

The colors picked for the demo are not ones that you will see on websites often, but they look simply gorgeous. Dark-gold and white is a better combination than you think. Also, the lack of a third color in the scheme (this can be easily reconfigured in the admin panel) gives it a minimalist look that just seems to be on the trend rise at the moment.

We loved the fact that there is a full-width slider which is interactive. On one of the slides, the image responded to the position of our mouse. That sounds like something simple, but it does leave a good impression. Also, the fact that it captured our attention got us looking at the image for a while. If you choose the right type of photo/image for that slider effect, you could find out that more and more people will start clicking on your slides.

Another cool thing is the hover effect on products. It will automatically make the image “flip”, showing another image of it. That’s a really neat idea for a quick preview of two images without having to reload the page or visit the product itself. Of course, this doesn’t mean that you can add only two images per product. But you can select up to two to be used with this effect.

Features and Benefits

When you get this theme, you don’t just get a good looking design with a few visual effects. You get much more than that. The Retailer is a very powerful theme which allows you to sell any type of product, including digital, without having to worry about anything.

One of the notable features of the theme is the portfolio. There are four different layouts for the portfolio. You can use this feature to showcase your best products, the clients that you work with, or anything else that you think is important about your store. Customizing it is very easy, thanks to the page builder. But since this is an eCommerce theme, we are not going to pay much attention to that.


The homepage actually has 10 predefined versions. Any professional designer will tell you that this is a high number, considering the fact that they are excellent.  The shop also has several different layout options, allowing you to choose the one that you think will be the most beneficial for your purpose. There is even a predefined Track Your Order page, which, if used correctly, could tell people that you are a serious vendor.

The usual About, Contact (and other similar) pages are also predefined, leaving as little of the work as possible to you. That will save you a lot of time.

The Retailer is a theme that comes with two premium plugins, free of extra charge. With the powerful Visual Composer and the great Revolution Slider, you will be able to create stunning pages and presentations within your website.


But perhaps, the most important features is that your customers can leave reviews, and that will display perfectly on the theme. Customer reviews are a very important thing and can be the decision maker for a potential customer.


This is a really good theme. Even though we tried to describe most of its features, it is just impossible to do it in such a short post. We recommend that you visited the theme’s page and demo and saw it in action for yourself.

When we reviewed the theme we couldn’t but notice the positive reviews that it is receiving from current clients. They are mostly stating the fact that the theme offers great value for its price. Customizability as well as pre-defined designs and layouts were also a few often-mentioned pluses. People with more experience pointed out the value of the included PSD files and the freedom that it gives the theme owner.

The reviews and overall impression made us think that if you want to build an online store, then this is a theme that you shouldn’t miss out on!

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