Thesis Framework Review

If you ever feel that there is no theme that matches your taste and gives you what you require from a website, then Thesis Framework is just for you. The unique concept behind the framework is that you decide for every little detail of your website, without needing to have coding knowledge.

This is a framework and not a theme. There is a difference, and you will learn what it is until the end of this copy.

The most important thing is that you are in full control over your website. that means that you can practically change whatever you want about your site. With themes, this is a bit different. Why? Because if the developer hasn’t implemented the specific feature, you won’t be able to do much about it. Thesis has implemented most of the important and popular features. That allows you to hand craft your theme in a way that it will be both well designed and effective.

By tools, you should understand anything that comes on your mind – both design and function. For instance, the framework includes SEO tools that will allow you to optimize your website and increase search engine rankings.

Thesis also has another feature. If you have themes that you want to edit, but the don’t have the needed options in their admin panels, you just plug them in the Thesis framework and they are ready to edit. In a way, you can use the framework as a visual editor. You select a theme and you start editing it, without having to take a look at any of its code.

Whether you decide to edit an already existing theme, or if you just want to create a skin for the framework, you will have very powerful easy to use tools at your disposal. If you want to create your own skin, then you can take full advantage of the advanced color picker. You also have the option of selecting the type of layout that you want for your pages.

Other customization options of the framework include: fonts, headers, footers, layouts, and more.


  • Drag and drop builder
  • Smart design controls
  • Custom templates
  • SEO optimized
  • Google Authorship integrated
  • Amazing customer support
  • Easy to learn


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