We gathered around the best WordPress hosting providers for you to choose from. Of course you can read some long reviews (that usually contradicts each other), but we thought its much easier to showcase the top hosting companies for commercial or personal wordpress hosting.

WPEngine – Hassle Free WordPress Hosting

As the name suggests, this is a WordPress-only hosting company. This web hosting company has a content delivery network (CDN), which enables your blog to load faster. Because they are a WP-only hosting company, a great deal of attention is paid to all of the little details: security, plugin compatibility, scaling, and so forth.

The main focus is only on running single blogs, even though you can sign up for a higher priced plan, which enables you to run multiple blogs at once.
A great feature of WP Engine is the staging area of their dashboard. This feature allows you to duplicate WordPress installations, with different settings on each one, so you can choose the best settings before getting your blog live. However, all of these fancy features do come at a costly price.

  • Strong Points: WP-only, fast loading times, and great service quality.

WP Engine specializes in WordPress hosting for years and provides a great dedicated hosting plan. Fast, reliable, and 100% secure, these guys are our number 1 choice for hosting. Price start from $29 a month.

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HostGator – Unlimited Web Hosting From $1.99

One of the most popular web hosting companies in existence! With more than 10 Million hosting accounts, variety of plans, 1 click install, excellent support and 99.99% uptime, HostGator are super recommended. 

Prices starts from only $3.36 a month. HostGator have reasonable pricing and good service, with extremely small downtimes. When you setup your blog, you can create the MySQL database for it through  cPanel, in which you will be able to find other very useful tools.

If you wish to rent a Virtual Private Server, and you are a new client of HostGator, you will get the discount price of $39.95, opposed to the price of already existing clients of the company – $50.

  • Strong Points: reliability and service quality
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BlueHost – Preffesional Web Hosting

BlueHost is proudly recommended by WordPress themselves, and each hosting plan they provide offers a FREE site builder and domain registration. Adding the 1 click install option and awesome support, they are a good choice to start with. Price starts at $4.95 a month.


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Dreamhost Web Services


The most prominent thing about Dreamhost is its one-click setup. This option is the fastest way to get WordPress installed on your own web hosting, without having to care about folder permissions and database creations.

However, when you are making the installation, you should make sure that you have the Deluxe option unchecked, as it installs many unnecessary themes and plugins that you will probably have no need of (of course, you can download any of those plugins and themes later on when you are configuring WordPress).
Dreamhost also has an automatic update option, allowing the web host to automatically update to the newest version of WordPress, so that you don’t have to do that manually.

  • Strong Points: easy setup and low price

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You need to choose the right hosting company according to your needs and budget. These are the top three companies that provide WordPress hosting and are exceptionally good in one area or another.

But why did we mention all of these hosts? Isn’t just any host good enough to do the job. Most times, you will answer that yourself with a “yes”. But hosting is much more complicated than just uploading a few files and installing WordPress. Without reliable hosting, you cannot run a successful website. Why? There are many factors for that.

Hosting Uptime (and Downtime respectively)

This is one of the first things that you should look at when choosing your host. It’s calculated in per cent. You take a period of time, let’s say one year. Then, you see how many hours from that year the server has been online and accessible. Now divide that by the total period of time and you will receive a number smaller than one. That is the percentage of the time that the server is available, over a given period of time.

Most web hosting providers have tools that will allow you to check the uptime (and downtime, respectively) of the servers. If you want to bring great service to your clients, then you should aim for hosts that have >99% uptime. That might seem a lot at first, but it’s an industry standard.

If you think that 90% is also good, then take a look at the following example. In a day there are 1,440 minutes. If your server only ensures an average of 90% uptime, then your website will be unavailable for over 2 hours per day (on average). That’s a lot of time. And people who can’t even connect to your website most likely won’t come back again. However, that figure stands only at about 15 minutes if the server ensures only 1% downtime.


Server location is something that is easily overlooked by new website owners. It is one of the factors of hosting providers that is most important. If most of your visitors come from California, and your servers are in New York, then it will take much more time for people to connect to the server.

This is the reason why you should always choose local hosting providers. Because the servers are physically closer to (most of) your visitors, that ensures a fast response time. That, on the other hand, will make your website load quickly.

But what if you’re building an international website? You can’t just overlook your other visitors. There is a “cure” for this as well. A Content Distribution Network will take care of all of that. It might sound a bit complicated, but it’s actually a very simple concept and requires very little on your behalf.

A CDN is going to upload your website on various servers across the country, or even the world. When a user wants to visit your website, they will be automatically redirected to the closest, or sometimes fastest, to them server. That ensures low response time and faster download speeds.

Almost every web host provider offers such a feature. It’s compatible with WordPress. The platform even has specific settings in case you are using CDN. They will ensure that WordPress will properly deliver the content.

Bandwidth and Storage

They are pretty self-explanatory. The more, the merrier. But it might not always be the case. If you have a hosting provider which offers unlimited storage and bandwidth, you might find out that your websites are going to load slowly because of the server load. Why?

Bandwidth is the amount of data that you will send (upload) to your visitors. Every time someone visits a page of yours, he spends some of your bandwidth. When you run out of bandwidth, your website is given less priority. If there are a lot of other websites on the same server, they will be given preference.

But if there is no bandwidth limit, provided that you aren’t using dedicated hosting, you are going to suffer if other websites are sending and receiving a lot of data. Even though virtual machines are used to divide the hardware resources between all the websites on one server, you might still feel an impact.

The same can go for hosting. Saving and loading information from a disk is a very time costly operation. If someone on your server has uploaded many GBs of data, the CPU will take a longer time to access and read the data. That is something that is hard to be “taken care of” by the virtual machines.


If you’ve read the previous few paragraphs, we are sure that you have already made the choice about which host you are going to use. Most of these steps will seem obvious at first, but many people are overlooking them, because they also seem very simple.

All 4 of the hosting providers at the top of the page are very good and make sure that you and your visitors have the best browsing experience.